Typical arch CU party

posted on 18 Jul 2010 21:50 by everymeever in faculty-and-works



Same old place, same old typical party.

no matter what the occasion is, the party has never change


they got beer, they got alc., they got toast pork stick,

they got music band, they got same old dark sky for you to look up and see,

but this time, it's rains on us ..


they got same old party lovers with smoking lovers,

they got dance lovers,

but this time, the amount is huge!


they got my seniors, they got my juniors,

and of course they got my same old friends, hanging around together,

and like they always did, they got me ..


In our same old football court, we're having our same old party,

sometimes it's noisy and someome might be thinking it's seems to be low-down

but it's not exactly what you think!

The kids are grown-up!, in case you might slip by your own children,

we can't force them to drink, to stay out late or to having fun with their friends.

it's depends on their decision, so did the initiatory things .. whatever~

so! stop! using silly prohibition with us!!!!!


well, anyway,

the party start late, over late .. due to the rain

I feel much more very old, I feel different and a little bit sad of sth :'(

we're quite unwell that night, some sad, some heartbroken, some drunk & some just goes crazy

with all the feelings, we got this instax ...





I love it while we still together ..


b/c I feel of difference so much lately

so I wish, no matter what's changing, it will become good feeling after all.






N'kul sure love the party! 555 question

#6 By A PIT on 2010-07-25 02:22

love the party
love ARCH CU

#5 By BLUE. on 2010-07-25 00:21

i love it while we still together too :)

#4 By pat ;) ( on 2010-07-24 22:35

wanna see more photos ;)

#3 By Mprang ( on 2010-07-19 20:52

: )

#2 By clio.turtleshell on 2010-07-19 18:21

ชอบเอนทรี่นี้ : )

#1 By maebin on 2010-07-19 13:59