Kwang's 21th birthday party, a little meet up before she's left

posted on 13 Aug 2010 05:02 by everymeever in daily



It's been a long, long while since 26 july ..

It was the birthday of  my two best friends, Kwang & Deariz, who is officially turn 21 years old!

(wow, what's that number? huh? .. 555)

But dear Deariz can't made it b/c of her mid-term test responsible thingy~

Still I met couple of my close friends and a lot of my old friends whom haven't met for long time.


The party take place at 'Karaoke city'. (very near my home, on Nawamin-Ramindra road.)

Well, she got 2 cakes, 2-3 microphones and a lot like alcohol for her birthday ;P

(unfortunately the cocktail bar was close too early so sth like 'magarita' just have to wait!)

Eat and dance and sing and talk .. the night made me realize that

someting that never and will never change does exist!

and I see it in you .. in us ...


and sure the day I post this entry up, she has got back to Tulsa, USA already.


always love and miss <3









* just the silliest shooting - -"


* big loveeee




btw, it's the day I first wearing a bandage skirt! 555